Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ice Ice, Baby.

^Of course we ended our Ice extravaganza with hot chocolate. Yum!^

We ventured off to Midway this weekend. Man, do I love it up there. I always mean to make it up to swiss days, but something always comes up. I have fond memories of this place growing up. My parents used to go up on the weekends and take my siblings and I. They would go to this thing called the "Crater" that is natural water that sits at 92 degrees with depths of 65 feet. The Crater is mostly used for scuba certification, but you can pay three dollars to just flounder at the top and enjoy swimming in a gigantic hot tub. Travis and I REALLY want to get certified, so maybe i'll hop on Groupon and they'll have something for us. 

This year we only made it up to visit the Ice Castles. Naturally, I wanted to know more about them once I was there. I kept saying, "how in the world did they do these? I really want to know how they came up with this idea!" Travis exhaustedly stated, "then look it up." Haha I think that was a definite hint on how many times I repeat myself. You can read about them here, it it crazy interesting. I had a blast shooting with my moms wide angle lens. Why does camera equipment have to be so expensive?? I wouldn't give it back to my mom, so she suggested I go buy my own. SO guys, i'm here to tell you i'll be cutting off an arm AND a leg to afford it. Its okay though, i'll be able to use a cool lens to take cool pictures! I mean, thats truly all I care about anyway. (wink wink) 

If you haven't been, don't miss out! Its incredible and you'll be wanting to scream the soundtrack of 'Frozen' as you walk through the castles. hmmm or maybe that was just my husband. :)

Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. I am the same, I would want to know all the ins & outs. So thanks for the link!