Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mountain Climbin'

As I've mentioned in my other posts, summer semester is almost OVER! this upcoming friday I take my statistics/business ethics final (i'm terrified) and then i'll start right back up this fall on my birthday. Happy birthday to me, eh? nah.. when you get older (like past 20 years- older) you kind of don't care about birthday's anymore. Well, at least I don't. Oh man, I ramble so much. Anyway, since I have been studying so much this weekend (if you look closely in my pictures, you'll see my eyeballs are actually close to popping out of their sockets.) We thought it would be fun to take a little break and head up into our breathtaking mountains. My cousins were already up camping, and my mom, my step-dad, and my little brother were already on their way up. We decided to go and hang out with them for a while. My mom ended up having a groupon that was for four people, so we got to take the opportunity to go up on some ski lifts and hike around. I obviously didn't come prepared.. I mean.. do you see my apparel? needless to say, my feet were black by the time we got back down to the car. Anyway, it was a good few hours and then we headed back home for me to do some more major studying. 

It was really nice of them to allow us to invite ourselves up, I mean.. who has manners anymore? definitely not my family. (or just me!) We had a blast looking at mother nature, gasping over the beautiful fluttering butterflies, being with my Mr. and of course, hiking in a $5.00 pair of H&M shoes (which are now ruined). I'm grateful for the good eggs in my life, they are so dang lovely. 

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  1. The last picture of you and Travis is so adorable! I can't believe how long and how much your hair has changed since I last saw you!