Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh Salt Lake City, how I love you so.

Today Travis and I decided to head downtown (our favorite) for a fun day of adventure. We knew the weather wouldn't be too great, so we planned an event for inside. Travis had never been to the planetarium, so we thought we'd go there and learn all about planets! well.. we both walked in, looked at each other, and decided we wanted to do something else. Marriage instincts I guess ;) we had seen some green bikes where we parked, so we thought.. why not! lets go ride a bike all over Salt Lake with a 90% possibility we'll get caught in a downpour. I had such a big grin on my face the whole day. I love being outside! Since I'm really into running, I spend a good hour in the morning outside and by the time i've ran, gone to work, and to school.. i'm exhausted. Travis and I rarely find time to do activities together anymore with how busy we both are. He will actually sometimes wake up and surprise me and go running with me. Let me tell you, that means so much to me, because I know he HATES (did I say hate?) it! but he never complains and never stops to take a breath.. I mean I swear the kid has a heart of gold! (literally and figuratively ;)) but when we got to bike all over the beautiful avenues and up to the capitol.. oh man! we were dreaming up our future home, and the day I'll take strolls with the kids through some gorgeous sidewalks overtaken by weeping willows (my fav. trees).. ah! I can just see it now. We are such city people, and I can't wait for the day we live in one!

Happy Sunday!

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