Sunday, July 14, 2013

sunday's with my main squeeze

so since my life has been SO uneventful lately, I decided it was due for an activity. Usually sundays we spend in sweats (literally sweats as well, because its so darn hot), and watch movies  all day.. but today we changed that. we went into the back yard. Real eventful, eh? Well, i'm studying for my summer finals and so this is probably the most i've seen outside in days. It also doesn't help that eBay keeps me locked up inside all day. jkjk.. but really. Anyway, I was snapping away at Travis and he finally took the camera to take pictures of me.. and I say "finally"as in, "erin-stop-taking-pictures-of-me-i'm-sick-of-it-and-i'm-going-to-show-you-what-it-feels-like" but hey.. i'm used to it. thanks mom!

Anyway, he kept making me laugh (didn't help that I felt so awkward) and since my gums are sky high ^^like above picture^^ when I laugh, I looked down for all the other ones he took... so folks.. that's probably the only laughing picture you'll ever see of me. I put it up only to prove my point. I'm cringing inside just posting it. and then I made him laugh... so that's probably the most candid pictures we'll ever have together.. we are on laughing gas today. I don't know whats going on with us. &I love it. Also... look at his mini dimple in his face shot. oh.. I melt! he is just the cutest.

Wish me luck on my finals! and if you have anything big going on coming up, i'll be wishing you luck too!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Cute pictures!!
    Good luck on your finals!!

  2. Oh my goodness! You have the gummy smile too! I totally have the same thing, and definitely stay away from laughing pictures.

  3. Ok this s so random but I'm one of kylees friends. I used to work with her in the OR. I stumbled on your blog looking at Instagram pics of her and I think you and your husband are the cutest! You're an amazing photographer and great writer! How's that for compliments from a stranger? Ha.

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much! it's such a compliment-- especially coming from a stranger :) It's always fun hearing that others like my blog. I'm glad you like it.. you are the best :)