Saturday, March 16, 2013


I truly hope I don't bore you with my ongoing obsession with my nephew. 
This boy. He sure has me tied around his little finger.
I had planned a dinner with some friends on Thursday night, completely forgetting that I babysat Luke. I quickly asked Kylee if it's okay that I took him along with me. 

She warned me.

Luke sure doesn't like dim lighting, big crowds, and women oooh-ing and gaga-ing over his adorable little face. Don't let that little face fool you. One big smile at him and he started s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g.
I had no idea what I was in for. Every time I tried to hold him or put him in his car seat he arched his back. All those times i've been at a restaurant and hearing screaming babies, i've thought 'cmon! really?' but oh how my heart aches for them now.
As I got dirty looks from him screaming oh-so-loudly, I quickly reminded myself to not have children. 
okay, i'm really kidding.
But, maybe not for a long time.
Thank goodness for the sweet waitress who brought me mashed potatoes. That kid ate the whole plate like he was never going to see food again... occasionally getting some stuck to the stop of his mouth which would require me to reach in and scrape it off... but then that also required him biting down on my finger because he wanted to eat that as well.

Oh Luke, I secretly hope my kids are just like you. You adorable human being.

I had fun playing around with my camera using Luke as my focus.

We also spent this weekend in the Emergency Room. 
Travis jumped up to make a shot during basketball and came down directly onto someone's foot. Thankfully, it was just a sprain. He will be in crutches for two weeks. He is taking it like a champ. 

I had a fun few days! hope you did too! Happy weekend!

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  1. He's so cute. Even though the clothes I left out for dad to dress him in were 10 sizes too big....oops. Thanks for always taking so many cute pictures of him!!