Sunday, January 20, 2013


Recently there have been various events that have happened in my life that have kept me up at night reminding me how grateful I am for the people I have in my life.
I just want to make a shout-out to two men that have recently given me so much inspiration. 

Introducing the Siebenhaar men. 

Isn't Grandpa Siebenhaar the CUTEST man you've ever seen?
I have just love that I have come into such an incredible family. Travis' grandpa has been struggling with old age. I mean, that's typical right? It just gets harder as you get older? I should be posting about Grandma Siebenhaar because of her extreme dedication to making his life absolutely wonderful all the way until the very end. No matter how much pain he is in, no matter how many family members that have to go up and tuck him in, take him to the bathroom, brush his teeth every night, the man has the biggest smile on his face. It just makes me smile. It reminds me that no matter how hard life may be that noting is THAT bad. He has given me so much realization and i'm so grateful for that.

I really cannot even talk about Dennis' journey without tearing up. It just the most incredible story of trials and tribulations. Dennis was diagnosed with liver failure a year ago, not to mention the other complications with his health he has had before. He has been sick as a dog. I have just watched his poor skin turn from grey to yellow. His body was just needing a proper liver to function in his body and it was slowly dying. To make a long story short, it was a lot of battles with medicine, livers coming in a not matching with his body (he has a rare blood type), coughing 24/7, and not having enough energy to even get up out of bed. Dennis got admitted to the hospital three weeks ago. His kidney's went into failure because they were working overtime to use the energy he had left for his liver. There were so many complications and he was just getting sicker each day that passed by. We had a family fast and so many friends and family were praying for him. Travis and I had gone to the temple on a Saturday afternoon and the second we got out, we got a call from Travis' mom that Dennis was getting a liver. 

When the doctor came out of surgery at 2:00am to come talk to us, he kept saying "Dennis shouldn't have gotten this liver. I really feel that people don't find the organs, the organs find the people" There were people above Dennis on the transplant list, but by a miracle he got it. He is responding so well with the new liver and he is just such a happy camper. I truly have only been in the family since Dennis has been sick, seeing him as happy as he is shows me an entire new person. 

I'm grateful for those that are donors. I told Travis if anything is happens to me, don't hesitate. Just cut me right up. Its incredible to me that so many people can benefit from one person. 
I'm so grateful for modern medicine and the ability that Travis' dad gets another chance at living happily and healthily. Its amazing to see so many people come together for one cause and see those miracle happen. It definitely makes me glad that I take care of my body. Its so important to eat well and exercise. This experience has definitely given me some new goals to do for this year.

This good news has just lead to a happier chain of events. 
Travis got a promotion at work, I left my job of four years to start a new chapter, we both have started school and are loving it so far.  This year has been good to us so far. Don't let me down now 2013. 

Love, Erin

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  1. I am so happy for your family! What great news! Also loved the post, especially because it is hard to think so positive. But when it comes down to it, things are not THAT bad. Good luck at your new job/new chapter!