Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Fever

This summer has been full of great adventures. Our good friend Mckenzie has a fabulous cabin up in Oakley. We have been able to go up a couple times and have some fun four wheeling, going to the lake to catch frogs, hike and eat bum loads of goodies.

There are such great things to do in Salt Lake, I found this website that will email me free and fun things to do on a weekend. Fun events, concerts, movies, etc.. I was notified by my mother-in-law that the state capitol has a movie on their grounds a few times this summer. A group of some friends gathered and met at the Capitol to watch 'Puss In Boots.' It was so much fun.

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us also went to the great Salt Lake. It was honestly so putrid. Dead birds every other step, a bunch of flees and mini bugs crawling everywhere.. sound like fun? well it actually was. Marc was able to bring out his wakeboarding gear and we got to skim board, watch him wakeboard off of a motorized puller. I've really enjoyed just doing random activities and making the most out of our young/married life. :)

Also, my little brother just got his mission call. I am so proud of him going, he's been working so hard for this and I couldn't look up to him more. I knew he'd go where people would need to have his influence the most. Where did his blessed heart get called to? Straight up West L.A. Let's just focus on that one more time: from Compton to Beverly Hills. He will have the best of both worlds. I can't wait to hear his stories and I promise you, he will have the best girlfriends ever: His three sisters. I still remember sending Travis grand slammed packages full of goodness. He will get even better. Oh I will miss him so much. Love you Gents! My sister is also Pregnant and is due in two months. I am so baby hungry for her little Luke babe. Oh my first nephew. :)

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