Tuesday, May 1, 2012

getting my life back

Okay, I must admit- the title of this post is a little melodramatic. I do have to say though, I got a 4.0 this semester and all of my hard work paid off. I couldn't be more excited that I get to graduate this fall. FINALLY. (well and then four more years at a big girl school.)

Life has been so hectic and unfortunately I haven't had time to blog at all. I almost get so excited for my posts because I feel like I have accomplished something similar to a marathon. (Yes, it's sad it feels THAT great.)

Well.. lets play catch up. Lets start with my beautiful sister:

Courtney was married on one of the most beautiful days March could have given us. Everything turned out so wonderfully. I couldn't be happier for her and my new brother-in-law; Canden.

While school was slowing down for finals, I opted to be more domestic for the time being. (it has lasted only two short weeks.) Thank you to the one and only webiste, Pinterest, for it's wonderfully "pinned" recipes. Here are a couple of fun ones Travis and I really enjoyed (and my little pouch of a stomach is proof.)

Banana bread. (I mostly made for my neighbors. Trying to be an interactive soul.) My most favorite to follow, Kiwi pops. I couldn't help but using bananas as well. After all, no matter what I dipped in chocolate, I knew it would be good. While at the grocery store, I secretly grabbed pure cocoa bark. I didn't tell Travis. Anything semi-healthy scares him and he always says no. Well, he noticed. MORE FOR ME!

We got some new furniture in our apartment. It's been exciting to have an actual couch instead of an end piece of a sectional. I like the color and our apartment is beginning to feel somewhat like home. There is still so much to be done. Guess who doesn't have summer school?! ME! so I get to spend time painting, sanding, decorating, and crafting. What a lovely summer lies ahead of me.

We received the cute little rocking chair from Travis' mom. Bless her soul, when I took of the cushions they were stuck to the wood. They had been sitting on it for so long. After some scrubbing and a visit to ikea, it looks a lot cuter :)

And look at my latest treasure!! What would I do without my mother-in-law. She is so stylish and gave me this wonderful door to match my other random door knobs hanging on my walls.

 Also, softball season has started. I promised Travis I wouldn't miss one game during the entire season. I was regretting that promise when his first game was at 9:30 PM. Whew, that is my bed time.

Well I'll end on a note that I know everyone wants to hear. How much I love marriage. I wish I had known the challenges, excitement and successes, but that wouldn't leave me wanting more! ;) we've had a fun few months and next week we get to venture to California. My cousin is getting married in Vegas, so why not make a week trip out of it starting in Cali. I'm so excited to be with my hubs.
 City Creek Chaos
 The many faces of Trav
Family gatherings at the Jazz Games.

Have a great week and an end to spring semester!!


  1. Hey, we are going to be in California next week too! Fun fun. You two are so cute.

    1. Ah! It's going to be fabulous! I hope you guys have a good time :)