Thursday, May 17, 2012

California Lovin'

This past week, my sweetheart and I drove to California.
 My love for road trips made it even better. Ask me if Travis and I ate an entire pound bag of dill pickle sunflower seeds? Yup. 

It was fabulous. We purchased a city pass and a majority of our trip was spent driving. We loved every second. Our adventures started at the most magical and amazing: Disneyland-- Need I say more? Universal, Sea World and a beach day. Travis has been so dedicated to get up and run with me everyday at home(I was missing my morning ritual). I was really looking forward to a run on the beach and he got up and ran with me without complaining how early it was. It was beautiful! 

Being on this adventure made me realize how bad I wanted a better camera. With how much I love photography, I have a crappy form of doing it. As great as the iphone is, I can only take so much of the overly faded and enhanced photos. I want that raw manual action! Lets hope I get that sweet Cannon Rebel for my birthday (i'll hint to Travis he needs to read my blog because of how cool it is.. then he'll see this and realize it is a hint.) 

Growing up my mom always had the camera in our faces. There are many home videos where I get overly upset because of course, I was in high-school and I just looked "dreadful" when she wanted a picture of me. She would always tell me that I would appreciate all the videos and pictures someday (and with how many my mom took, many you would be thinking- "uh no, i'm okay with the hundred you took JUST today.") but I have developed such a love for pictures and the memories and moments you capture by them. I also have appreciated the moments she has taken to help me understand the settings and nick-nacks of a camera that weighs as much as an elephant. (I call them the "legit" cameras.)This is what I need. Thank you Mom. 

If you have a love for Disney like me, I hope you live vicariously through my photos and have a moment of two-year-old-giddiness.

I had the time of my life and it was amazing to be there with Travis. We had so much fun and I laughed until I couldn't laugh anymore. I hope the next time I post about a vacation, I'll have the fabulous pictures i've talked too much about. I hope our summer brings us just as much fun!!

We had a blast. At the end of our trip we stopped in Henderson (Nevada) and attended my cousins wedding. It was a very HOT and wonderful day. All of my siblings were able to be there as well as my Dad. I love them all so much and am so blessed that we are all best friends. 

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