Sunday, February 12, 2012

Consignment Love.

I have this {Love} for consignment stores. I had a friend a couple years back really get me into them. The problem was the fact I NEVER have time to transform some scraps into treasure. Yesterday I didn't have to work and so I dedicated my day to running around to different stores and then ending in hobby lobby to find the perfect paint and sanding paper to finish them all off. Here is what I have finally accomplished, but it will continue over time.

This assortment of photos is a bit terrible, I know. The shadow box is the only one I didn't make. I bought that at hobby lobby, I have been saving my some of my flowers from my bouquet and Travis' corsage from the wedding. I wanted to put them in a shadow box with a couple of other things from our day.
The antique wall arrangement took me forever. I was able to buy those frames for a few dollars at a consignment store in Taylorsville. I painted and distressed the frames so they looked a bit more "antique." I found that AWESOME door knob and key in a box of unfound treasures. Couldn't have been more excited. Finally I was also able to frame the "proclamation to the world." Our sealer when we got married kept telling us how important that was to have it hung up in our home, and i'm just barely getting to it. Whoops.
NOW, the curtains. I found wall hangers and turned them into holders for the curtains. I painted and found old knobs to put on the end of them. Once they were hung up I loved them. The curtain hanger at the top was purchased at TJ Maxx. I wish I could take credit for that one.

Anyway, not too much to post.. but I've just been up to decorating on my spare time. I'm loving it too. Next week is getting a bookshelf Travis made in highschool, painted and redone. I'm actually really looking forward to it!

My little brother turned 14. Yikes, he's getting too old.
I've been in love with the weather lately. My sister and I walked a couple miles to RC Willey, checked out their "blowout" sale and then called my mom to pick us up. We opted for walking only one way. Thank goodness she was available to come get us. I sure wasn't about to walk across the street and check out Asian City. ;)

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