Sunday, November 30, 2014

past week according to my iphone

I love to collaborate my iphone pictures on my blog so I can:
1. free up space on my phone after some serious deletage (<-- made up word)
2. have ALL of my pictures from my phone and camera on my blog so I have them when I print them all off!

Its been so fun to put all my blog posts together and get them printed. I know, its way more boring than a scrapbook.. i mean, who can compare to those cute little decorative pins and stickers you could put on every page? but. this just works for me and I love it. I'm sure i'll look back and be repulsed by my grammar and sentence structure. I get an ear full from my mom each time I see her, but I don't care either. this is my little space from the internet and I just like being able to get all my thoughts out and not worry if it sounds like a J.K. Rowling book.. (although I wish it did.. where is my wand?). 

I don't think I've mentioned my newest baby nephew, Harrison. He is a little angel I tell ya. It is crazy to think both of my sisters are moms now. I was a bit sad when Court was pregnant because I thought of all the mommy dates my sisters would have without me.. but then I stopped pouting and realized i'm lucky enough to live seconds away from both of them and can see either of them when I want. I have had so many opportunities to baby sit and I never pass it up. Not only does Kylee have the best food (treats galore!) at her house, but the sweetest little babes that bring me so much happiness. I cant wait to start babysitting Harrison. I think I might just blind him with the flash of my camera.. I just cannot help myself with these nephews of mine. pa pa paparazzi!

I worked at the state capitol a couple of days this past week and got a souvenir to take home with me too! I guess they figured if I was there so much, I might as well take a mock building home with me. yippeee! I love that place, hence why I took my bridals there. Its been fun to actually be inside of the state auditors office, its not as beautiful as the outside.. but it is still fun :)

oh and we had our first snowfall this year! I was so excited. I think i've been more excited this year more than ever because it is representing a close to this semester!! yeah i'm not graduating (jealous of you, Amber!!), but I am so dang close and I will never have to take 19 credits again. Craziest three months of my life. So, here is to finals.. (wish me luck) and the start of our Christmas season! 

Happy Holidays!


  1. Oh Erin, I love your blog writing skills! And can you believe that I will be graduating in 18 days?! Can't freaking wait! But I am also jealous of you for the success you will have with your degree! I still don't know what I am doing with mine. But it's a great accomplishment that I am happy about anyways :) And trust me, I have planned on printing mine to, and I am definitely worried about looking back and laughing at my horrible grammar and writing skills! You'll have to tell me the best place to get the blog printed! :) And I want to see your running outfit closer ;) I can't wait to get me stuff! Also, I just barely signed up for the Spartan Race in June with my sister! I am freaking out, I am so nervous! Okay, I love ya, and I am done writing a massive paragraph comment on your blog.

    1. for real, girl! sooo jealous you're graduating so soon!! and lets not talk about success until I get there. You'll be right on your way and i'm sure you'll find something you love. The best place i've found to print them is Alphagraphics. You won't be sorry, they do a great job. SPARTAN RACE?! ohhhhh yeah! that'll be so fun! I can't wait for you!