Saturday, September 6, 2014

mountain haven

when Travis and I were dating, we came to this little spot up little cottonwood canyon and had a cute little picnic. We have been coming back to this spot for three years and it truly is my favorite little corner of the world. I've been lucky to travel to over seven countries and see a huge part of the world, but there is just nothing like these utah mountains. I ran sixteen miles in the past two days (training for my mud run coming up next week! oooh!) and my legs have been so sore. The thought of climbing up to this spot sounded like absolute torture, but this view.. well it just is breathtaking. I realized something when we were hiking up to our little spot, I realized just how big of a baby I really am. I used to be such a little rebel and would get into any adventurous trouble I could get myself into, but I have become this apprehensive cry baby lately. I hate it. I think as i've gotten older i'm all about "obeying the laws of the land," and if I disobey any of them then i'm just opening myself up to getting hurt and i'm not protected. My mind! seriously, who thinks like this. Moab this year, you guys.. was the WORST. I would just shake at the sight of a narrow cliff that we would have to hike against. Man. Its been truly fearful for me, but guess what? totally hiked up this puppy today and I was proud of myself. Cause this is high. Anyway, we often come here over the period of september-october to see the changing leaves. Our conversation starts out with me saying i'm hungry or something, and then leads me asking some deep thought provoking questions that travis usually hates answering. Ha. Its good though, we have had some awesome conversations in these mountains and they will always hold a huge place in my heart no matter where I end up living in this world. 

Utah, oh Utah. Thanks for being, well, you. :)

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