Thursday, October 27, 2011


{Well} I definitely feel like these past few weeks have FlOwN by.

eek! where does time go??

I just got over being sick, I didn't think it was possible to get the cold twice in one month.. but it only seemed to go away for a week and then come back. grrr. Worst part about winter


Well! on the bright side of things, we have done so many fun things and I will share a couple.

Travis and I used our handy dandy George Foreman to grill us up some scrumptious steak. Here is a couple of our pictures of our exciting night of grilling.

One thing I have really wanted for a long time is a cannon rebel. ah! my dream camera. It is even worse when you upload pictures to a blog and realize how poopy your camera takes pictures :( Maybe santa will bring me one :)!

It was stake conference on Sunday. Before church, Travis and I decided to have a waffle party with my family since we would be at a annual Halloween dinner that night at his family's house. (ah man! I'm loving the holidays!) so we whipped up some cream, got our homemade batter ready, cut up some delicious and juicy strawberries and served them up with some hot syrup! yum. It was so fun, I love family. Oh yeah, and COURTNEY IS ENGAGED. whoohoo! Can't wait for her wedding, I know she will make such a beautiful bride. I love her and Canden so much.

I also started a book club......with myself. Ha. I love reading, but I kind of went crazy at one of my favorite stores.. Barnes and Noble. I bought the "Beautiful and the Damned.." Fitzgerled is an incredible writer. {Drum Roll!} my new favorite book: "The perk of being a wallflower" I admit. I definitely went and got the book because it's being turned into a movie with cutie patootie Logan Lerman and one of my favorite roll modles, Emma Watson. Kind of weird, her character is a alcoholic/sex addict/gothic/f-word every other word girl. Shoot, how is she going to play this part??! anyway, I read the 300 pages in two days and loved every second.

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