Saturday, December 24, 2016

Life Lately - Short and Sweet

^ Love my Masi. In Highschool, we always hooked arms wherever we went and we were always made fun of because of it (I still hook arms with my friends sometimes. I did it in college too, maybe i'm just super weird!). Anyway, one time a friend made fun of us saying we were basically each other bumcheeks, so it turned into us always calling each other twin. 8 years later and we still text each other starting with "twin." She is the best and has been there for me through so much. Love her dearly and so glad we get together often.

^ My college bestie, Lauren, took me to go see Thriller in October. We spent many semesters and hours studying together at the U, and became really close. We now work at the same company and i'm love her cute face. 

^ Random picture of Travis and I. Took it when we only had a couple hours of sleep that day and we were both incredible tired.

^ My sweet friend, Lauryn, hosts a friend gift exchange. This was our second year in a row and i'm so thankful she does it! it is so fun seeing just the girls and being able to have a couple of hours away from our husbands and kids. Loves these ladies!

^ My sweet baby niece, Sloane. I remember when my sister told me that her name was going to be Sloane (I love it), but all I know about that name is that is the brand of toilets that are at my work. Ha! I had forgotten is was on Ferris Bueller. Anyway, she is as beautiful and sweet as newborns get! love being an auntie to another babe.

Really. My life is that boring. I don't do much besides work, play with Travis and Noah, eat, sleep, and repeat. I just like to share the interesting bits -- that is why there isn't that much.

Happy Holidays! 

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