Friday, May 20, 2016

Baby Shower and Baby Bumpdate Week 33

I had my first baby shower last night with my ward and it turned out great. It was a "rubber ducky" themed shower and couldn't have turned out more adorable. I'm so thankful for my sister and mother in law for putting it together and making me feel so loved. It started raining within the first 20 minutes (the weather said no rain.. boo!), so we moved it all inside. It reminded me very much of my wedding day where similar events took place, but its okay. It made the whole night feel more intimate and I just really enjoyed seeing neighbors that i've created friendships with over the years. Also, can we just take a second and admire that blue ombre duck cake that my sister in law made?! I swear, if I didn't know better I would think she is a distant relative of Betty Crocker herself.

How Far Along? 33 weeks and starting to become so uncomfortable.

Maternity Clothes? still able to fit into all my shirts/dresses, but wearing a lot of leggings with tunics (see above :)). I am pushing a weight gain of 22 pounds and definitely starting to feel the extra baggage. I can't get myself to buy any maternity clothes seeing I only have 6 weeks left. I may just be walking around naked at some point. 

Sleep? You know, it is interesting. I have actually been sleeping really well. Everyone keeps telling me how awful sleep is during your third trimester, but I really owe it to the Leechco pillow travis bought me a couple of months ago.. I really think that is why I have been able to sleep through the night (with the exception of having to pee a couple of times a night). 

Best moment this week? Travis bought me a 75-minute prenatal massage for Mother's Day and I was able to use it this past week. It was heaven sent and made my intense back pain feel so much better (for a couple of days at least)! 

Weird pregnancy moment? i'm officially starting to waddle when I walk and feel so silly. It is also insane at how badly I cannot bend over -- Travis has to put my shoes on and take them off everyday, because I can't do it on my own. I'm getting so close to the end and have been glad that my belly is only starting to become massive this last little bit. 

Movement: we had a scare a few days ago involving some pre-term blood and it scared the living crap out of me. After calling the doctor he said to lay down and count my movements over the period of an hour -- I was only praying he was asleep because for the first time in months I wasn't able to feel him moving. In the middle of Travis giving me a blessing, he karate kicked me in the rib (resulting in a surprising gasp from me) and continued to move wildly thereafter. I guess when they say in pregnancy that you need to eat for two (which isn't really true.. haha), you also need to be drinking for two. I haven't been getting enough water in my system, so it caused blood in my urine. Haven't see it since, but so happy to feel him actively moving every day.

Food Cravings: I really don't understand the whole "cravings" during pregnancy. I just really love food and want it all the time -- all different kinds.. so i'm not sure if I have a specific craving. I'll just go ahead and say my craving is eating. all. the. time. 

Anything making you queasy? excessive body odor.

What I'm looking forward to: the next six weeks to go by quickly! Travis and I are getting so anxious to meet our son.

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