Sunday, January 24, 2016

Baby Bump - Week 16 (size of a pear!)

How far along? 16 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Let me tell you -- shopping for maternity clothes is exciting for me. I have had a secret board on pinterest for years keeping track of the cutest maternity clothes. However, I'm holding back considering I still fit very well into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I do have to say I have purchased one pair of maternity jeans. Man alive, I am never taking them off. 

Sleep? Besides the fact that I have to pee every few hours, I sleep fine. I am a huge back and stomach sleeper, so sometimes that can be uncomfortable. My boss bought me a body pillow and it has changed my life. I should have gotten one of those guys even before I was pregnant! 

Best moment this week? i'm no longer feeling nauseous! this means no more ginger prego candies, ginger ale, and saltines! I am back to eating normal food -- feeling on top of the world! 

Weird pregnancy moment? i'm having to get used to taking things a little slower than normal. I have to walk slower, take my time getting out of bed, and even stop half way up the stairs. i've been getting so light headed lately -- doc says its normal. Gotta take it slow! 

Movement: Ha! I thought I was crazy when I asked my OB if there is anyway I could feel him moving. He said some women feel them as soon as 16 weeks. I haven't been feeling kicks or anything, but these little flutters that i've never experienced before. I guess that is normal too? really cool.  I especially feel flutters in my stomach when i've eaten something really spicy! haha it is so weird to explain, but i'm obsessed with any feeling I can get. 

Food Cravings: No food cravings at all. For the most part, a lot of food just doesn't sound good.. but it is getting better now! 

Anything making you queasy? Not anymore. However, during my first trimester, the smell of eggs about made me vomit. 

Gender: YES. We found out last week that we are having a little boy. I knew it was going to be a boy; I would have been shocked if it was a girl. We are pretty sure we have a name too, which is exciting! 

What I'm looking forward to: I have an 18 week appointment in two weeks, and I can't wait! I live for doctor’s appointments and just being able to hear our little peanuts heartbeat. 

My sister in law really wanted to put together a gender reveal party for us. When we found out the gender of what we are having, we had the technician seal up the results in an envelop -- we found out along side our family at the party. She had 21 black balloons filled with white confetti and one filled with the color of the gender. The first one we popped had blue confetti! haha! it was funny. She went way out of her way to put together a really cute party and i'm glad I agreed to do it.

some pictures:


  1. Leave it to Abbie to throw such a fun and cute party!

  2. Love this! You're the cutest prego ever! We need to go on a date. We miss you!