Sunday, August 9, 2015

hot air balloon festival

The hot air balloon festival is a tradition in my family, and I look forward to it every year. It felt a little different this time around without my husband, but he will be home in 30 days (i'm not counting or anything!!!) and I just have to be grateful he is getting closer to being done. 

I finished my last final on thursday this past week, and I have felt so much relief! It is the best feeling that you have an entire weekend to do whatever it is you want, and not feel like a slave to homework. I was never one to procrastinate doing my work, so I was always consumed with either getting ahead in term projects, or finishing up last minute details. I never had one day my entire time at the U, that I would just relax. I worked so hard and am so thankful that it has paid off. My job has been so busy, but i'm so blessed to be able to have a job that I really really wanted right out of college. I'm trying not to rely too heavily on being done, seeing as I want to go back and get my masters in a couple of years, but for right now? it feels great. 

My life is just really good right now. I get to go see my dad in Florida this upcoming weekend, Bear Lake over my birthday, and then my cruise two weeks after that! this year has been a really good one for me. Even though husband has been away for four months, i'm so thankful for the opportunity to be apart. It might sound weird, but our relationship seems to have grown on a different level from being apart. We have really meaningful conversations over the phone, and the acne on the side of my face (from resting my phone for hours) proves it. This year has been a year of firsts for me and I have learned immensely. I'm so excited to have spent this past weekend with my family without the burden of doing stuff for school. 

Oh, and if you've never been to the hot air balloon festival.. you should! These photos were taken with my moms Nikon D750 (dream cam) and her 35mm 1.4 lens (dream lens..). So until I have an extra $3,000 to spend on a camera, i'll just borrow hers! I realize how lame mine is when I shoot with a professional camera/lens, but seriously! these pictures are dreamy. Thanks Mom!

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  1. Those pictures are super dreamy. I love Ky's milkmaid braid!