Saturday, October 18, 2014

My litle brother, my brown-eyed partner in crime, my best friend; Elder Tramel, you are FINALLY home.


 Saying goodbye to Gentry was one of the hardest things I ever did. I cried to Travis randomly for the next two years on and off. I know, I shouldn't have been sad because he was serving the Lord. Of course I was SO excited and proud of him, but this boy. Gentry and I became really close as both my oldest sisters moved out of the house for marriage and college, and I was home with my baby brothers. We spent a lot of time together and they became two very important people in my life. Words cannot even express the love they have for my husband. When Gentry approached us on a late Friday evening letting us know of his thoughts of going on a mission, we told him we would love him whether he decided to go or stay. Obviously we encouraged him, but for the next few months following we had many scripture study sessions and bible discussions. Gentry eventually told us he wanted to go on a mission and had started to fill out his papers. I just remember him telling me that Travis had a huge part to do with his decision. My heart has never been so filled with gratitude that my spouse could help shape the life of my little brother. He worked so hard on developing the things he needed to in order to be in the position to go. He eventually left in October of 2012. I remember thinking, "when Gents gets home, Travis and I will have been married for THREE YEARS!" or "Connor will be driving, he'll be sixteen!" Whoever said missions go by fast, lied. It was a long two years, but that moment seeing him in the airport will never be forgotten. As everyone is dry eyed and excited to see him, I was crying my eyes out that finally I could hug him again. The only words that I could utter out of my mouth were, "you did it, Gentry. You did it." Words will never describe the feelings I had. I haven't really left his side since he got home, but he finally told me he wanted to go to lunch with some friends. Okay! i'll take the hint. I'm so grateful that my siblings and I are the BEST of friends. I just can't even imagine my life without a single one of them. Gentry grew up, matured, and has a light about him that is so inspiring. I'm so glad he is home (even though he beat me at go-kart racing!) and I am just hoping time slows down until Connor will leave on his.

The church is T R U E. 

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