Sunday, July 20, 2014

Well Utah, You always find a way to leave me wanting more.

I have a love of following Utah photographers on social media, because they are explorers and find amazing gems to take pictures of. The best part, I stalk the places they go and experience them for myself. I'm here to tell you that the diamond fork hot springs are a hidden gem in Utah. Not only was there NO ONE on our hike, but we got the entire hot springs to ourselves which made for some amazing pictures. I just sat in the hot springs watching the sun go down sitting in disbelief that I was experiencing that moment. The water was incredibly blue, the perfect temperature and set in the crevasse of an amazing national forest. To top all of it off, the hike itself was one to remember. You follow a beautiful river surrounded in huge pine trees the entire time. Naturally in that setting we had Lord of the Rings blasting on our phones to add a little touch. You guys. Please please please do me a favor and go here. I was hesitant in posting pictures and telling others where this was, because I love how empty and peaceful it was. However, its too amazing to share. I couldn't stop gawking at how amazing it was. Travis had to pry me out of the water.

Let me know if you go, and if you do.. bring pepper spray. Bears are known to be seen on the trail ;)

**I also didn't edit any of these photos. I wanted to show you just how beautifully natural everything was!**

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  1. Holy cow - so so beautiful. I wish I was back in Utah so I could go there!!