Saturday, July 12, 2014

We danced, and cried, and laughed and had a really really really good time.

First off, you must know the title of my blog is a song. If you happen to know the song, my heart just grew ten times bigger for you. We may have listened to it on repeat on our way to Moab with our Great friends Jared, Leslie, Brett and Hadley. We had such a good time wandering the beaten paths, getting sun exposure enough to turn us into leather, hiking the delicate arch at 9:30pm (I wouldn't ever suggest hiking at night. We got lost and also made many fury friends our own. Although the stars were incredible.), sleeping in 95 degree weather in a hot stuffy tent, attempting to make dinners over coal fires but then giving up and eating our weight in mexican food, swimming, cliff jumping and losing shoes in the swimming hole. I'd say we had a pretty good weekend. I went to Moab last year with my girls in young womens. It was a blast, but i'd have to say this time topped it off. Travis' group of friends have always an incredible group of fun. When i'm with them I seem to want to stay up later, play games a little longer, and maybe even go on big hiking adventures that I don't know if i'd be courageous enough to do otherwise. This was our first camping trip being married and I had so much fun. We love hiking and being in the outdoors, but we have never invested the time or money preparing for an overnight adventure. Moab planning and preparing was enough for the whole year, but after the weekend i'm ready to do it again. Moab, I honestly wanted to sharpen pencils in your ear because of how hot you were, but you were good to us. Next time, lets calm down on the heat and maybe i'll stay a little longer. Because I know you love me too.

Always wishing you were mine, 

ps. We really missed you, Amber and Brandon. I hope you can come with us on our next adventure!!


  1. So fun!! We really wished we were there too! Let's plan a trip there again, and we promise we will try not to say no three times Haha but really, we want an adventure with Erin and Trav! We miss hanging out! And as always, loving the pics! :)

  2. One thing I really miss about Utah is being so close to all the red rock - it's hard to realize I'm so far away from it now.

    Great pictures!