Tuesday, June 17, 2014

who am I kidding? I only went for the raspberry shakes.

I continually wonder what Travis was thinking when he married me. A huge reason why you marry someone is because you love their family, too. Not that Travis doesn't love my family, he does. A lot. However, when we were getting married my parents had gone through a divorce, my mom recently remarried, and my dad had packed up his bags and moved to New York. There were a lot of life changes and I truthfully felt bad that he wasn't gaining what I was. A put together, non-crazy family. Its taken me a long time to realize that the crazy, non-put together family is just as sane as Travis'. Its been so fun to be apart of each family. Well, maybe except for the million family parties on sundays on each side of the family and not every being able to just sit on my big fat butt and watch back to back episodes of whatever i'm feeling like that day. However, I never walk away from a sunday not satisfied from (food, of course) and a good family get together. I know, i'm rambling. My point is, I get to be apart of such a great family. One that I feel like I don't deserve to be apart of. They treat me so well and I just cant get over the love they have for my family. They've taken it upon themselves to ALWAYS invite my little brothers everywhere they go. Even family vacations. True saints right there. We got to partake of the Siebenhaar family cabin in Bear Lake this past weekend, and let me tell you. Bliss. Pure freaking bliss. It is so nice to sit by a nice hot fire and roast mallows, walk along Utah's "Caribbean" beach, hike to wonderful lookout points, well and.. live, eat and breath for their famous raspberry shakes. Can I please be honest? Travis and I honestly argued because I was upset he took my shake when I wasn't looking at ate about 3/4 of it. (insert angry emoji icon face as well as a big fat thumbs down!) How I let that beauty out of my sight for so long, I will never forgive myself. More importantly, I will never forget my shake-hogging-pretends-he-never-wants-dessert husband. Can you tell i'm still upset about it? oh well, guess i'm just going to have to go back! Anyway, we had a great weekend full of relaxation. Hope you had a good one too!

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  1. These pictures are so pretty that they look fake! But I mean that in a good way! Someday when I get my camera you are going to have to teach me to be as good as you! :)