Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oh dear Florida, thank you for making me aware of just how much one person can sweat.

Travis' parents took the whole family on a vacation to Florida. I couldn't have been more excited when the announced to us that we were going. Since I've been in the family, this is the first trip we've taken together. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. You see the real side of someone when you are on vacation with them. Well, let me rephrase. You see the real side of someone when you take a 7-day amusement park vacation when you are walking around in the Florida heat hungry and thirsty. However, it was an incredible trip. I bonded with his family and got to know them even more than I already do. I love that they've embraced me in their family so openly. I also couldn't be more thankful for Travis' parents for paying for every cent. It was such a great trip surrounded by beautiful Florida scenery, food and sarcasm, but I truly have to say... I might need to take a few year hiatus to Disney. there is something about Disneyland that I love so dearly, but I know there is so many things I want to see in the world and I promise.. hopefully.. you won't see a disney picture from me for a while. ;)

Picture overload of my trip. Enjoy!

^^those are real. Why do they keep SO many?^

^^On Mothers Day, Disney handed out flowers to all the mothers who entered the park. This is why I love Disney.^^
^^Yes, he walks around doing the Chewbacca noise. Everywhere.^^

^^Believe me. This water park was an answer to my prayers. If you ever go to Florida, you've got to visit Typhoon Lagoon. The wave pool rocked my world.^^

^^I truly know we look like rockstars here, but we got to snorkel with sting rays, sharks, lots of colorful fish and seizure-worthly cold water. It was amazing.^^
^^Just my honey, checking out the bird show.^^

^^And lastly, of course we got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If real beer tasted like Butterbeer I would be an Alcoholic. I was really sick this day with an awful cold, so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. I think what I have will do.^^

Hope you're having a great summer!

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  1. Gah. I want to go to Harry Potter world so badly.

    I know what you mean about taking a hiatus from Disney -not Disney for me necessarily, but it's easy to get in a rut going to places we know on vacation (or places that are the cheapest) and there is still so much of the world I want to see!