Monday, May 26, 2014

I truly wish that donuts fell from the sky, or maybe just a river flowing of them. That would be okay, too.

Today we went on a great Memorial Day hike. We decided to go to Donut Falls. It was a great hike that we haven't done before. There was a point where the trail came to a fork and of course, we chose the right.. side.. ;) needless to say, that took a hour out of our time. When we finally got to the falls there were a million parents with children standing around wondering how they were actually going to get up to the cave. (Seriously, do these people not research about hikes before they do them?) This hike was totally not kid friendly. My little brother, Travis and I were a few of the only people that were able to climb up. It was scary. I mean, rushing cold water and slick rock. I fell straight down smacking my hip real hard on the way down. Thankfully Travis was able to catch me, but it hurt SO bad. I have an awesome bruise to show for it though, so i'll take this chance and make the story sound much more epic than it was. It is an awesome hike and I would totally recommend it.

I'm reminded how much I love our mountains every time I venture up into them. It truly is breathtaking what we have and couldn't be more grateful to live so close to them. If you can, get up into those mountains this summer. They are calling your name and I promise you'll be calling its name once you leave. Hope you had a great memorial day!

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  1. Donut falls!!! I haven't been there in years, but I remember it being such a neat place.

    Also, I'm so glad to be able to see your blog again - I thought you just had stopped blogging since it wasn't showing up in my blog-lovin' feed! Now I need to catch up.