Sunday, May 4, 2014

blissfully unaware of how badly I think I want one, too.

Calvin James Copeland was brought into this world on Friday, May 1st. I couldn't be more excited to be an aunt to yet another Nephew. Words cannot describe the love I have for my siblings, but then to have my siblings have kids? its a game changer. Luke has been such a blessing in our families lives and I know baby Calvin will too. As i've gotten more pregnancy news from close friends and family, I can't help but think of how CRAZY it is! I remember sitting as a teenager thinking my only worry in the world was the Top Ramen being twirled between my fork and the endless drama being caused on One Tree Hill. Seriously, when did life get to be so dang mature? We are all growing up and taking life by the horns SO fast, that I sometimes wonder why everyone is developing so much faster than me. I'm over here still trying to grasp the concept of doing math on my calculator. It is very exciting and cool to me that my friends and family are moms or moms-to-be, but the very idea of being a mom scares the fat crap out of me and sends me straight into a cripple. I can barely make my husband a PB&J without almost cutting my finger off. I'm so grateful my beautiful sister has done such an incredible job at being a mom, it is such an example to me. Watching her step into the role of being a mom of two so easily is in itself is inspiring. I love these two nephews of mine and I can't wait to welcome more into the future.

Enjoy my pictures I snapped of Calvin. He is a handsome little guy. &that cleft chin? don't even get me started. Well done Kylee and James, Well done. 

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  1. Please give him a squeeze for me. I want to be there to see him so much!