Thursday, May 29, 2014

23-year-old trapped in an 80-year-old body

I know there are so many people suffering with a lot worse, and I definitely do not want to come off as complaining.. but seriously. I cannot catch a break. I pride myself in being overly healthy as well as running 30 miles a week. Somehow though, I am constantly sick. When we were in Florida, I got the most awful cold that put me out for two days. I was so sad because I took a whole flipping bottle of Airborne. Anyway, I was better for a couple of days before I was hit with the most awful (of what I thought was the) flu. I went to the Insta-care Tuesday night for them just to tell me I probably have food poisoning and that I need to go home and rest. The next day all my flu symptoms went away and then my lower right abdomen felt like something had just burst inside of me. I had never felt so much pain in my stomach at one time. I tried to last through the night, but I woke up almost screaming in pain. We went to the insta-care at 10:00pm and left at 3:00am. I was SO TIRED. They ran blood tests, urine samples, ultra sounds and vaginal probes (sounds awful and it was awful). TMI? well, you catch my drift. Waited two hours for the doctor to come back and say, "well, nothing seems to show in any of your samples. However, we did notice one of your Ovaries seems to have slightly shifted. This rarely happens during a woman's menstrual cycle. We will give you morphine and nausea medicine and hopefully that'll help." After the kind nurse massaged my stomach, whatever dumb Ovarie was out of place seemed to go back into its proper position. I mean, is this even a real diagnosis? I feel like they came up with something just to justify me spending the hundreds of dollars it costs to be in the ER. The morphine made me feel like a rock star and guess what? I woke up the next morning with a massive headache, but no stomach pain. So, they did something right. I'm mostly documenting this for my future self and i'm allowed to be that annoying complainer on my own blog, right? Lets re-cap:

In the past year, I've had:
a skin graft taken from my stomach for melanoma
Granuloma Annulare (look it up -- its gross. I'm convinced the lovely country of China gave me that one.)
a few horrible colds
24-hour Flu
oh and, you know.. misplaced Ovaries. 

Please body, be kind to me from now on. I don't like being sick and my wallet doesn't like paying for it either. 



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  1. Oh Erin. I feel for you. Plus, vaginal probes are the worse. The very worse.