Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last but not least.

^^the bus driver was driving like it was the end of the world, so unfortunately, I didn't get an awesome night shot :(

well guys. These pictures are the conclusion of our New York trip. I am very happy to report that I am lucky enough to go out again this November. I am going another week with my sister. We are going to celebrate my dad's birthday. I'm so grateful I have a job that has the flexibility it has, also, can I also say how grateful I am for paid time off? who doesn't love getting paid while being on vacation?? I'm so excited to go back. Since I print my blog posts out to use as a source of "journaling" for our early years of marriage, I am probably going to ramble off in this post. Feel free to check out the pictures and then just leave... that is... if you don't want to hear my pointless stories :)

Before we went to New York, Travis was absolutely adamant about a "hop on/hop off" tour buses. His family is VERY much into the tour guide, tour bus, sit-down-and-relax-while-you-tour kind of family. I am NOT. I love walking, walking, walking. I want to explore, I want to go into every ma and pa store, I love trying new foods and discovering new desserts. Oh man, maybe that's why I love cities so much. Anyway, I did not want to do the tour at all. I have such a hard time paying for something when I can just walk around and teach myself by reading. Maybe that's the inner- Russia and China in me. I mean, we didn't know russian or mandarin.. we had to learn everything on our own. Anyway, that's how I like touring and I feel so accomplished when i've read something and really taken it to heart. There is just something about history and background stories of how things were built, why they were built where they were, success, failure. I. EAT. IT. UP. Fortunately, I married someone who loves that too, but he has a different way of wanting to learn about it. Well, I caved. We did the dang tour buses. Let me tell you, biggest let down of my life. I felt really bad, because he was SO excited. I think that when his family went to NYC and did the tour buses it ended up being really cool. However, we went with a (dare I say--Shizzy?) crappy company. The people didn't even have microphones! so as we were blazing through the manhattan wind between buildings, the man (who seemed homeless and is working for this company for free) was screaming, "oh look! that is Daniel Radcliff's apartment! if you look hard enough, you might be able to see the harry potter sticker on his window!" which he clearly made up, because I mean.. are you kidding? who the eff can see a harry potter sticker on a manhattan apartment that is 16 stories above you? No, no. It gets better. He points out a really cool building and says "that's where the titanic survivors were brought when they were rescued from the sea in the summer of 1914." You guys. If you don't see the problem with that statement, then you maybe would have loved the tour. But we all know the titanic sank in april of 1912!! Anyway, the hooligan yelled more nonsense out that we could barely hear. Also, I got eyelash extensions for this trip because I can't wear makeup in the dewy east coast weather, it all comes off. Anyway, as the bus driver was driving like a mad man, my eyelashes were flipping in the wind like an old lady who is about to have her dentures fall out of her mouth. Honest to gosh, worst tour i've ever taken in my life. Lets keep this between us, I told Travis it was the best tour i've ever taken and we ABSOLUTELY have to do those tours in every city we are in. He then replied, "really? hmm. I didn't think it was too interesting. In fact, I wish that we wouldn't have paid with cash so we could dispute it." hahaha. Biggest relief!

We got to see the lady liberty herself. It was a lot smaller in person that I also imagined her to be. We happened to go a day that was raining, so we didn't have to deal with too many tourist. It was nice because we were able to go up to the footstool of the statue. Since 9/11 they don't typically let people up to the statue anymore, just around the bottom, but it was a special day :) We learned a lot of cool things about that. Like, did you know the statue of liberty was modeled after a man? if you look closely you can definitely tell "it" has more manly features. Kind of interesting. Travis and I really wanted to go to Ellis Island (where all the immigrant were kept before they were allowed on US property) because there is so much history there, but unfortunately, it was closed. Maybe next time. 

We loved you New York, you were good to us. All of your smelly street corners, delicious heart-attack worthy food, and rainy weather, we already miss you.

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