Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank you China, you ruined fried rice for me forever.

I wish I would have taken the time to go through my pictures I took in China, but they are all on my external hard drive, and that my friends, would just take too much effort. Alas, the handful of pictures on my computer will do.

Today has marked THREE years since i've been home from China. I seriously couldn't imagine my life if I wouldn't have been able to experience my time abroad in Russia and China. I was so blessed to have been able to go back with my amazing sister, Courtney. People always said we look alike, but man when they meet us they can total tell the difference. I'm crazy, she is sane. I'm so thankful for the amazing experiences we got to do together. Oh and the wood slab we shared to sleep on for almost 5 months! 

Man. I have so many memories of China and laugh so hard every time I look back at them. The most memorable was when I was left, ALONE in Hong Kong. That story is too long to type, so i'll tell a little story. One you'll hopefully laugh at!

On our way to Yangshuo, we had to take a 18 hour sleeping bus. Sleeping buses are nothing like I ever expected, I was picturing something out of Harry Potter. I knew it wouldn’t be as magical, obviously, but at least hoping it would be comfortable! We get aboard and it’s a smelly, packed dirty bus full of Asians (i'm not racist I swear.. but at the time.. I may have been). When you are on these buses, you buy a ticket for a seat. Last minute riders can purchase tickets to sleep in the isles or just stand, but if the beds are unoccupied.. then they can sleep in them until the ticket buyer of the seat boards. We get on and all the beds were full, the driver had to kick people out of their seats and we all were separated from each other. I didn’t sleep the whole night because the man that got kicked out of my bed decided to sleep on top of his rice bags, leaving him eye level with me. I was too worried about getting anything stolen as well, so I was just staring into abyss the whole night. Courtney, Catelin and Lynsie (sister and girls in my group) were in the back bunks and they, thankfully, were able to be together. Courtney got stuck next to this six foot nothing man who had no other choice but to cuddle up to Courtney because his legs were too long to fit length wise. Courtney decided to either let it bother her the whole night, or to just let it go. She just let it go and full on spooned with an asian for 18 hours. She might have a child we don’t know about, who knows. Meanwhile, I’m still in the middle isle bed that throws you out left or right no mater what bump the bus may take. We stopped to let some people off and the lady next to me hands me her child! It had split bottom jeans and so I was way too close to his personal business.. it was a child, but still weird! It only got weirder when the lady got OFF the bus and the bus started moving. I was yelling out in English that some lady just left me her baby (I was only given glares to shut up... because of course that was normal and I was just being an obnoxious American), I was holding him for a good 15 minutes. I was honestly considering my adoption plans, because I was just given the responsibility of being a parent before my eyes. It was another 5 or so minutes before a little old lady came up to me, took the baby, put on her shoes and then walked away getting off on the next bus stop. It was the most bizarre thing. 

Thank you China for the best laughs of my life and also the scariest moments.

Miss you long time!