Sunday, June 30, 2013

I couldn't ask for anything better.

My life. Where did I get so lucky? I honestly had so much fun playing around with my family today. Unfortunately, my best friends (my sisters of course) weren't there.. but I haven't spent some quality time with my mom in a while. let me tell you, it felt so good. I look up to her in so many ways. If I can age like her (Mom, don't take that offensively, you are still a very young grandma!) I will be so happy. She works so hard to be where she is, and i'm grateful for her example.

I am also grateful for my amazing little brother. He can be a pain in my bubble butt, but I sure love him. He is also learning to play the guitar. He hasn't put it down for two days. 

Lastly, I am SO thankful for a man who makes me laugh. I remember my mom always telling me, "marry someone who will make you laugh, because that will take your relationship so much further than looks will.." and that is one thing that has always attracted me to Travis. He is constantly making me laugh, as well as everyone around him. I married the perfect person for me. Even though I hate that my gums go sky high when I laugh, i'm obsessed with the pics my mom snapped at us laughing. 

Oh, and I know my hair is like five different colors. But ya know... I guess the multi-color hair thing is in right now, so it's not so bad.. right?

Hope you had a good sunday!!
(p.s... I tend to overgram and overblog.. but I hope you don't mind because you just get to read so much about my life! and thanks for being interested!)

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  1. I love the second to last picture of you and Trav. You are such a beautiful couple! These are great pictures. I am sad I had to miss it!