Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh, my sweet California, Pt. 1

Well another adventure over with and the reality sets back in. Oh how I wish I lived in Disneyland. People honestly hate on me when I tell them how much I love the place, but I honestly can't help it. My dad is from California, so the perks of having grandparents so closely resulted in us going three, maybe four times a year. My family was going and Travis' and I couldn't help to pass this trip up. We decided that we've been to Disneyland (count it..) FOUR times since we've been married, we need to see other parts of California. We did a lot of fun things and I can't wait to share them with you. So here it is, part one of our vacation to the happiest place on earth. 

Besides the shack of a hotel we were in (I literally watched a frog jump across the pool..placing it's home ground because you might as well have just called it a swamp) we had the time of our lives. Travis and I decided that nothing was going to bothers us, we wouldn't argue, and we weren't going to care what we ate (that was mostly for me).. we did a pretty fine job and I have to say that the whole trip was full of skipping around, smiling, and lots and lots of practice on my camera.

Until next time California, you sure were good to us.


  1. Ok, i LOVE Disneyland too. I've been dying to go again.

  2. It truly is the best. I'll go with you ;)