Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hollywood isn't so glamorous afterall, California Pt. 3

So to end our trip Travis and I decided to go to Los Angeles. My family had already headed home, so we decided we should see another part of California. (even though i'm perfectly fine only ever seeing Disneyland there) well.. I was quickly reminded of why LA isn't so glamorous like Disney ;) We bought a "go Los Angeles card" and we could see up to 40 attractions. We started off early and had chosen four things we wanted to do. Oh man, was it still worth it!! The tours were awesome, we got to see a celebrity home tour (shoot... they make way too much money)- I truly can't even handle how big their homes were. THEN we got to do a private tour of the Warner Brothers Studio. It just make my inner actress so anxious. I truly wish I could just quit my job, move to LA and pursue acting.. haha but I wouldn't make it past "you are trying out for who?" yeah.. I can see it now. 

It was awesome though, we got a personal tour of the original Friends set, Big Bang Theory, current movies, set of Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and True Blood. It was really funny because we went into the "woods" where they film to vampire shows and there was fake blood EVERYWHERE.. the tour guide was like "sorry guys! they are just on lunch break so they'll be back soon. Try not to touch anything.." I honestly was peeing my pants.. "um hi! can we please stay here until they get back?! because I really need to meet them".. like she was so casual about saying they were on lunch break! I almost went and hid behind a tree just to wait for them all..

We did the usual wax museum, shopping, saw the occasional bum on the ground with NO hands and lets (when I say occasional, I mean everywhere) I expected it to be extremely clean and maybe even ritzy.. but no where near.. like they have oscars right here.. you need to get up and move, sir! but yeah.. it was super dirty and not attractive. I'm good never going back. Unless I become rich and famous.. you know ;) I can't believe my little brother is serving there. Props to him, it felt like we were in a different country. I mean I've been to 12 countries, so I feel like I had something to compare it to. 

Hope you enjoyed my snippet of pics! happy sunday!


  1. Sounds like fun! I only ever do Disney really too...haven't seen too many other parts of Southern California. A tour of a celebrity home sounds really cool!

  2. When I went to LA I thought the same thing. It's dirty and not that great. But the TV sets sound so cool! I didn't do that.