Wednesday, April 24, 2013

popcorn popping on the apricot tree's

Every time I hear those sweet primary children scream "popcorn popping on the apricot tree!!!" I immediately think of these tree's. They are so beautiful during the spring and I couldn't help but waltz around the neighbor hood and snap some pictures of them. I promise I was shooting my camera toward the window of a home (because the tree was right in front) and I was half expecting myself to be on the news when I walked inside. Hello peeping tom! While I was outside I couldn't help but think of the biggest reasons why i'm excited for spring! and maybe you can relate too.

1. Longer Days
Those long days that seem to be like never-ending darkness really start to take a toll on my personality. I'm so excited, because nothing is better than waking up to amazing sunshine and hearing the neighbors out mowing their law. I don't know what it is, but I especially love the smell of fresh cut grass. 

2. Running
Oh man. I get this constantly, "um I hate running, it seriously is the worst thing ever..." I honestly had to grow a love for it, but now that I have that "runners high" I can't go a day without getting out and hitting the pavement. Nothings better than doing it under the summer sun and getting a tan while i'm at it.

3. Warmer Weather
If there's one thing I need in life, its sunshine. I take a vitamin D pill everyday to get me through winter, I can't wait until I can shove them to the back of my cupboard and welcome summers sun into my life once more. Bliss. 

4. Shedding Winter Layers
As much as I LOVE the fall and wearing layers, there is something so exciting about shedding them when summer comes along. Say NO to grabbing a coat every time you walk out the door. Sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves... enough!

5. Barbecues
Do I need to say more? No I am a big hamburger/hot dog person. I can't wait until I can just sit outside and dine. Kind of heaven for me. 

6. Open Windows
I LOVE cleaning and deep cleaning at that. I wish I could just put on a gown and sing with all the birds as they fly in and out of the window.. but alas, I am not in a Disney movie. Wouldn't that be nice. 

7. The Ice Cream Man
Yes, I am still a child. But you knew this. Hearing that jolly jingle run through the neighborhood and seeing all the kids run out to the truck makes me giddy. Of course, I am lining up behind them waiting for my "big stick" and if you were born in the 90's, you'll know what ice cream that is. 

Anyway, pointless post, but I was so inspired and I walked outside today. Its nice to just get out and breath. I encourage you to do that same thing too.

Merry Spring!

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