Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Queen Bee Market and a Killer Weekend

This weekend my sister invited me to the Queen Bee Market at Thanksgiving Point,
I had to contemplate it because I had no idea what it was all about, i'm like "uhh.. I have enough honey to last me a year... thanks but no thanks," but then I figured I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see my adorable nephew... right!? or am I right? and maybe I really like my older sister too.
For any of YOU that is assuming this is some crazy beehive fest, its not. The Queen Bee Market is a craft boutique featuring the best homemade decor, jewelry, soaps, you name it... basically it's like Etsy. In person. Wow, is your mind blown? because mine was. As Kylee and I walked through the botanical gardens to get to the event itself, we saw way too many women dressed as if they just walked out of a magazine. You know, the ones where their hair blows in the wind and the second the even look your way you see a glowing light around their flawless face?...yeah. Those ones. I mean, i'll never be that mom, or that person. I think we immediately felt out of place. When we walked in we saw a plethora of famous Utah bloggers. Oh no, we truly were out of place (even though I wish I was secretly one of them.) I think our knees may have buckled. The booths were filled with trendy displays-- I couldn't help but think that their decor was cuter than my future home will ever hold. Basically, I was just staring at everyone and everything. I think I stood at one booth for twenty minutes drooling before I had to get myself to just walk away for mere embarrassment--i'm sure they were all thinking "uh hi, why are you just standing there staring at me? oh and.. here is my very overpriced item... please buy it and leave." Most of those women are so successful, I couldn't help but kick myself as I thought "why didn't I think of this!" So, basically i'm saying I could be a millionaire like them if only I would have have thought of the idea first. Darn. I'll stick with my minimum wage job. I really enjoyed myself though, soaking shirt from the drool and all.

Anywho! here are some pictures. Isn't my sister beautiful? She also makes adorable children, lets pray right now she has another one soon. 


This weekend we also attended an annual murder mystery part that my dear friend Michael puts together. We usually are hooked up at a elaborate hotel of sorts, but no, this time Michael took a home-run. We stayed in a 26,000 square foot mansion in Heber City, Utah. It was incredible. Some of the amenities included: a full on fire place to heat all the homeless in Utah, a full swimming pool equipped with a jumping cliff off of the balcony, basketball hoop and many water noodles to give me endless enjoyment, a 15 person hot-tub, a bounce house, queen sized bunk beds (I had no idea those even existed!!), game room for any man to cripple at their knees, showers the size of my bedroom and you get the point. This thing was huge. I mean huge. I had such a blast pulling out my inner actress in me and pretending that I'm really in a murder-mystery movie. I know, I'm a child, but seriously! when else can you act like that?? oh wait.. Travis and I have accent tuesday's and we kind of pretend we are from a different country for a whole day. Anyway, it is always so fun catching up with my best friends. I am so lucky to have such an amazing support group, I love that its been FIVE WHOLE YEARS since we've graduated and we've all stayed so close. Here is to many more my friends! (and a couple more pointless pictures from random angles.) and i'm sorry for the longest post you'll ever see. 

Pardon my acne... i'm maturing real slow. 

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