Saturday, February 23, 2013

year of the paper

Every holiday that we can find an excuse to put a theme to, we do.
Well, lets be honest. Those holidays fall under two. Our anniversary and Valentines day. Our anniversary isn't really a holiday is it? well.. you catch my drift. We decided that this year our presents had to do with something "paper." We didn't really decide a limit of what we could spend, we just went for it. I have to be completely honest, I procrastinated until the VERY LAST SECOND. I felt awful, had just started my new job and I was super busy with school (oh my goodness.. i'm actually finding excuses!!) I'll just keep it plain and simple. I should have been disciplined. For last minute thoughts, I ran to reams.. thinking I could make him one of those old-school ghetto candy word posters-you know, the ones that you used to make when you were... um... 5 years old.. And I did just that. I thought if I maybe made his favorite dinner, it would make up for how horrible my gift was.

So I received this:

^^^ yeah! A printer! how genius and might I add EXACTLY what I needed. I was seriously feeling terrible at this moment. 

I got him this:

^^^ oh man, poor guy. He really loved it and we had a MAJOR sugar high that night. (I also got him a computer mouse.. I promise I'm not that terrible.)

But its okay, I made this:

^^ i'm still learning how to use my camera. If you can't tell, I made smothered enchiladas. 

They were scrumptious. 

I had such a fun day with my valentine. Even though I better make sure to do better for his upcoming birthday! hehe.. 

Hope you had a good Valentines day as well!!!!



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  1. this made me laugh. and your enchiladas look delish!