Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Courtney!

Yes, it’s the kind of post again. The kind of post where I talk about all my feelings to the point where you are wondering- how are you okay with everyone in the world viewing this information?? Well, if you had THAT amazing of a sister, you would too. Plus, I made this picture gigantic so you could see how adorable she was. (& still is!) 

Where to start, Courtney Ileane Schow (it’s still so weird for me not to write Tramel) is probably one of the most beautiful girls inside and out. This girl. We fought like ordinary sisters would (okay, maybe a little worse than ordinary). Over clothes, boys, attention from parents, attention from our older sister, you name it. We fought over it. All growing up, I was called “Courtney Junior,” and it always made me so mad. Apparently to everyone we looked exactly alike, I just couldn’t see it. It wasn’t until high school that I realized what a blessing it was to be nicknamed after her. No one can hate Courtney. She is that sweet spirited girl who goes with the freaking flow of everything. Sometimes it drives me crazy, especially when we are trying to decide what to do, but she is the one I always go to when I need comfort, or lets be honest, someone to just calm me down (because sometimes, I just need it). You know all those awkward phases you go through in life? When you look back at your school pictures and just think, “WOOF! What in the heck was I thinking?” (Because I know you all do!) well Courtney never had that “ugly” phase.. she was always perfect. Watching home videos of Court kill me. She would just stand, carefree, in the middle of the living room and swing her diaper between her legs. Loving every.single.minute. of being alive. She is still like that today. I’m so grateful I have someone to play around with, and someone that was willing to leave everything behind just to become another grain of rice in the big land of China. I love that we can just sit and talk for hours upon end. She has introduced me over and over again with new music, tv shows, her impeccable style, and a way to look at life. She deserves the absolute best birthday ever. Make sure you all have an internal brain thought right now- *happy birthday court!*

Court, I love you.

Oh & Happy Birthday from your baby sister.

all grown up! 

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