Thursday, January 31, 2013

The little boy who has stolen my heart

Luke Thomas Copeland.
I don't even know where to start about you. 
You know those mommy bloggers who sit a talk about their adorable littles? and then you sit in front of your computer dying with envy hoping, just hoping that maybe one day your kids are just as cute? I can't even describe my irrational thoughts I have about being a mom. Nothing intimidates me more. When Kylee had her baby, I couldn't get enough of Luke. I already know that Courtney and I covet this child like he is our own. It doesn't help when you have a sister who is an incredible mom, but I know that Luke has prepared me for what is to come in the future. I've wondered how it's possible to love my own knowing how much I love my nephew. I know its possible, but its hard to comprehend when you don't have one. This little mister has changed my life and just makes me heart so happy every Thursday when I get to babysit him while his mom and dad are hard at work. I'm truly honored. I love when I get to sit a just talk to him, wondering if he understand me. I can't wait for him to experience life and to see him grow. I really can't imagine the love i'll have for my own children, but i'm so grateful I have Luke to show me it's possible.
Well little mister, you truly know how to brighten my day. I mean, just look at his little tummy and cute giggling face underneath all of that shirt bunched in his face! oh, I love you so. Happy five months today, Luke!!


  1. I loooove these pictures! Thanks for being such a great Aunt to my baby!