Sunday, January 27, 2013

that one time I decided to go to Florida 24 hours before the plane left

It's true.
There is no denying that I am the most 'last minute' person in the WORLD.
Ask anyone, even my homework.
I honestly cannot think of a better way to live my life rather than on the edge.
It might be hard on the wallet, or maybe even my husband... 
I seriously couldn't tell you what was running through my head, I was in the shower and thought "yeahhhh i'm going to go to Florida.." got out, texted Mike, and told him to book me everything.
husband was incredibly busy with work and gave me the okay to go, he secretly knew it would be for the best.. considering I bombard him with the tickle monster and kisses whenever i'm bored.. which lately, has been all of the time. I think he was okay with me leaving for a few days so he could get something done.
{Thank you MACU for my Christmas bonus}
Prime time for a last minute VACA! 

So there we flew. We had many jokes about dundee's coming to eat us (crocodiles) any source of water we saw. 
We ate plenty of junk food. you know, the kind that is ridiculously over-priced, but you eat it anyway because you are on vacation.
We listened to Diamonds by Rihanna way too many times- enough to set Michael into a singing coma where all he said was "shine bright like a diamond" in that ridiculously annoying tune (I know you all know what i'm talking about)
I shattered my phone-and yes, I threw a major its-my-birthday-and-i'll-cry-if-I-want-to fit's, even though it wasn't my birthday
we thought of every possible way to escape Disney World in case of a zombie apocalypse
we challenged each other to the "annoying" scream on every ride, I promise we mad every single person turn their head and give us dirty looks. We loved it.
as we went to harry potter world, we pretended to get drunk off butter beer (that has absolutely not alcohol) and put spells on people in line (okay, maybe that was just me.)
I can't even list them all, my insides are so full of joy when I think about this trip it makes me giggle. 

One last thing, I did miss my husband way too much. I don't think i'll ever do a trip without him again. However, throw me in disneyland the rest of my life and i'll be okay. I won't need anyone. 
If you don't like Disney, you must not like puppies or rainbows either.. just saying. 

Here is evidence of our week of adventure.
YOLO Florida, YOLO. 

pardon the sparkles on multiple pictures, it was just tinkerbell's dust ;)

And... I think he missed me too..

Happy Sunday!

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  1. So fun reading your posts. I think you must have inherited the Disney gene from your mom.