Saturday, September 1, 2012

family frenzy

When looking up what frenzy actually meant- this definition came up: a fit or spell of violent mental excitement; a paroxysmcharacteristic of or resulting from a mania.

First of all.. a paroxysmcharacteristic? okay.. well while I don't quite understand why there are words out there that are even that long.. a frenzy is exactly what I would define the last couple months of this year. A fit violent mental excitement. 

With two big events coming up that are about to slap my family in the face, my dad decided to fly himself out to Utah to visit before it gets hectic. My sister is going to pop any day- and has been ready since month five. My little brother Gentry is leaving on his mission in October. We had a pretty peaceful weekend playing golf, watching movies, indulging in cheesecake and pizza, reminiscing of the past and finding ways to just plain old annoy each other. Just what siblings are good for. Well.. you hear me mention cheesecake and I do have to say we also attended the outside extravaganza mall-City Creek. I left this for last because I have a wonderful story i'm hoping that leaves a little baby giggle in the bottom of your heart. Here we go:

We are waiting for my lovely husband to meet up with us (as he works in North Salt Lake) so we sat down outside of the food court waiting upon his arrival. Well I see this naked baby (she did have a diaper on.. but I still consider her naked.. it makes the story better) running around as if she had just gotten her head chopped off. She was loving life.. probably like 5 years of age. Well she looked like she was having too much fun. However, I didn't see a mother ANYWHERE. I watched her run up all the stairs going out of city creek to some major scary roads. Well, she didn't care. She was all about the freedom. I told my family that someone should go get her.. no one didn't. I couldn't let this kid get away- as being a kid, I was always lost. Trying to find my family because they somehow always slipped away from my fingers. This girl obviously reminded me of myself. Minus the naked part. So I chase after her and I watch families GLARE at me. Well I quickly voiced that it wasn't my child. I pick her up because she wasn't stopping for anything. She starts speaking to me in a different language. OH GREAT. I had no idea how I was going to find her mother. Meanwhile my whole family is just watching me laughing.. I ran up to some workers to ask where to turn in lost children.. like a lost and found. SURPRISE! they didn't speak english either, I felt like I was in China/Russia all over again. Well my dad and brother-in-law come help me and the little girl runs into the food court. Well needless to say, I saved a child. We didn't find the mother until 15 minutes later, and she just easily said in one breath, "oh I thought she was just playing somewhere when I saw all her clothes on the ground." uhh lady. You didn't even make sense and you shouldn't have children.


It was a great weekend and it's always fabulous seeing my dad. 
Speaking of dad's.. Travis' dad has liver failure (hence why we moved into their parents house. They asked us to, so that we could help out) Well he's been in and out of the hospital.. Only this picture I captured could express how we feel. It's just been a long road and I hope that Dennis gets a liver soon. 

BABY LUKE WAS BORN! 9:23am 7lb 1ounce. He is a beautiful little being. Kylee pushed for 20 minutes and the nurses were amazed at how easy it was. I'm so proud of my sister enduring the pain and 9 months of heat that she did. She is beautiful and I'm so happy her and James made such an amazing child. His precious little body is so new and I can't even help but cry every time I see him. I'm so proud to be his aunt and he will be one spoiled child. I can't wait for the years to come and be an aunt to many children. 

My birthday was on the 22nd. I couldn't have been more spoiled by my husband. A rose gold watch that I wear EVERYWHERE, plenty of amazing drawings by my one and only. I also got plenty of new makeup. I loveeee makeup. Needless to say, I am so happy and my life couldn't be going better. Especially with my friends and family in it. 

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