Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hence the title of my blog: Halloween day at work mixed with a few projects i've been doing lately.
Loved every bit of dressing up like a boy scout, I got to wear my little brothers clothes for a day. Loved wearing baggy shorts and socks up to my knees.. comfy as my pjs, loved it!
I have a new love; Crafts. Pinterest is my weekness. I decided to actually do some of the projects and put my craftiness to the test. I made a few coasters, and "S" for Siebenhaar, and got some fun things at a boutique in Daybreak. I'm loving decorating my apartment.

vua la!

Love the Betty Crocker website; I loved making these labor-intensive cookies. Took about three hours, but they turned out delicious and I gladly bit into their little heads right away ;)

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